Our Funeral Plans

Funeral Plans

It goes without saying that losing a loved one is an incredibly difficult and distressing experience. Taking out a funeral plan with Safe Hands is an effective way by which to minimise the financial and emotional burden on those left behind. Unlike the ‘over 50’s’ insurance products - that are a common alternative to funeral plans as a means of protection against rising funeral costs - provided the person buying a Safe Hands Funeral Plan is over the age of 18, then regardless of any medical conditions, no prospective customers are ever turned away*. *As a responsible operator working in the, sometimes, vulnerable ‘over 55’s’ demographic, all prospective customers of Safe Hands Funeral Plans are asked to confirm that they are responsible for their own financial affairs and for making decisions regarding purchases of this nature – and that they do not have someone (legally appointed, or otherwise) that acts on their behalf.

Affordable Funeral Plans

By choosing a Safe Hands Funeral Plan you’ll be protecting your loved ones against the rising funeral costs. Our prices start from just £1,895 (or £22.11 per month), making us one of the UK’s most affordable and best value funeral plan providers. We also offer a range of flexible payment options.We always recommend customers pay for their plan in a single payment, but we also offer a range of affordable monthly instalment options – including straight repayment options (meaning no monthly Instalment Handling Charge is applied) on plans paid for over 1 year (12 months), and over 2 years (24 months)*. *Plans paid for over 3 years (36 months), 5 years (60 months), or 120 months, incur a flat 4% Instalment Handling Charge calculated annually, and charged monthly.

Competitive Funeal Plans

We have taken great care to ensure that our pre-paid funeral plans remain competitive. Compare our 6 different funeral plan types to see which is most suited to you. You can see for yourself that we are excellent value when compared to other funeral plan providers. Safe Hands Funeral Plans offer some of the UK’s most affordable pre-paid funeral plan products. Because plans from all the different providers vary in their content – they cannot be compared on a truly ‘like for like’ basis. However, Safe Hands’ plan prices are acknowledged to represent truly outstanding value for money.

Secure Funeral Plans

As one of the UK’s premier plan providers, it is of paramount importance to us here at Safe Hands Funeral Plans, that our customers’ investments are as safe and secure as possible. Our plan holders’ monies are invested in a ring-fenced trust fund. Set up in conjunction with Wrigleys LLP (a law firm specialising in trust funds), great care has been taken to ensure the fund complies with all current legislation as set out in the Regulated Activities Order (Financial Services and Marketing Act 2000).

Flexible Funeral Plans

We understand that everyone is unique – and a funeral should reflect that. We offer a range of plans to cover all manner of tastes, and budgets. The Topaz, Pearl, Sapphire and Ruby plans can, each, be tailored to suit individual requirements. Or if you want to keep it basic, the Direct Cremation plan should be most suitable. All of our plans can be upgraded or changed at any time, and will be unaffected should you move to any other UK location over the course of your lifetime. If you suffer an unexpected bereavement in the family you could, if you so wished, transfer the benefit of your plan to that person’s funeral instead.